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Building Trust with Quality Work

Building Trust with Quality WorkBuilding Trust with Quality WorkBuilding Trust with Quality Work

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Steel Stud Framing

Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Drywall & Finishing


 Structural and light gauge steel stud framing 

Load-bearing steel framing

Complex design

Drywall & Finishing

Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Drywall & Finishing


 Installation of gypsum board. 

Taping and plastering, with finishing stages from level 0 to level 5

Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Acoustic & Feature Ceilings


 Batt or grid insulation installation 

Acoustic & Feature Ceilings

Acoustic & Feature Ceilings

Acoustic & Feature Ceilings


T-Bar ceiling structure and grid installation. Vaulted and textured ceilings

Acoustical wall paneling. Wood or metal feature ceiling systems


Acoustic & Feature Ceilings



 Custom Homes - Low-rise singles, towns & stacked multi-family, mid/ high rise condominiums, rental apartments, senior facilities. 


Acoustic & Feature Ceilings



 Retail - Recreational - office - Medical - Hospitality - Industrial - Institutional - Recreational  

Our Story


One day three humble men, Paul, Les and Kevin met at a local restaurant and came up with a plan to start a full-service drywall company, which one day will become the best and the fastest growing drywall company in the GTA. 

Yes, those are some big goals, but they can be achieved! 

Before you know it Ltd. was created and here we are on our journey on achieving our goal. 

What makes us different? SPEED & QUALITY!  


Most of our talent is sourced from the province of Quebec. 

Our field team is made of: 

General laborers (basic construction experience) 

Apprentices (Work experience 3 years or less) 

Foreman’s (Work experience 3-5  years) 

Supervisors (5 years minimum experience and hand selected by management team) 

Management team


Paul Jaypour

 Raised in Montreal for majority of his childhood and then moved to Toronto to further his education. He graduated with a degree in business and set off his career by working for himself at a young age. A self-made entrepreneur who worked hard from nothing to make it to where he is today. A true business man at heart and the leader of the team, Paul is the helm of the connections between the business partners and clients. His motivation and drive to be a successful entrepreneur come from his wife and two little girls that keep him on his toes.  


Kevin Ouellette

Born in Val D’amour New-Brunswick, Kevin is the youngest member of the management team. But don’t let that fool you! Kevin started working in the drywall industry as a helper to some of the industries finest tradesman. Kevin paid attention to how these men did things and he learned well. His capabilities to mention a few: Commercial, structural, artistic and shaft framing. Commercial and residential drywall, PC350 door frames, ceiling grids, rigid baffle walls. His specialties: Spider ceiling, acoustic domes, Egyptian ceilings. Kevin enjoys working out after work and likes to call the gym his second home.  

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